How to Restore Your Peace

So many of my clients tell me that they start their mornings off with such optimism, only to have these feelings derailed as their day wears on.  This happens to all of us, believe me. But there are ways to keep your peace and positivity throughout the day.  I would like to share what I do.

My process starts the night before. . .

Write Your List

Before you go to bed, take some time, maybe 15 to 20 minutes, to write down what tasks you plan to accomplish the following day. Do you have small children? Are you taking care of sick or older parents? Once you have your list, triage the items.   Prioritize what has to be done tomorrow and decide what can wait for another day. Consider which tasks might be handled by another. 

Honor and Process Your Feelings

If you feel anxious about one of the tasks you need to do, get out your journal and write about why you feel anxious.  Writing out your thoughts will help you to determine if your feelings are valid. If they are, talk about the issue with your coach or a trusted friend. Voicing your concerns aloud will help you find a way through them. 

Still Your Racing Mind

After journaling and bringing up the emotions, your mind may start to race. To calm yourself, read a short Bible verse or another spiritual text you enjoy.  Or do a breathing exercise or practice some form of stretching.  For some a hot bath is relaxing. Try one or all of these strategies to self-soothe, to see which one works for you.

Sleep Peacefully

Try going to sleep with a weighted blanket or heated microwaveable beads.  The heat and pressure will cradle you, and make you feel calm.  (Babies love to be swaddled because it feels secure and safe, and we adults are no different!!)

Wake-up Before Your Alarm

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you would normally arise. Use that time for your daily devotional or daily stretching practice, and then mentally review your day. I have done this for years, and the amount of time I allow myself has gradually increased. Now I am often up two hours before I have to walk out the door for exercise class. I really enjoy starting my day with prayer and reviewing my agenda; doing so is crucial to setting the tone for my day. 

Congratulations on beginning to learn the techniques that will keep you in control of your peace each and every day.



Sue’s Story

SamanthaSharesSue was just like so many of us. She had weight to lose but did not know how to go about it. She had tried different types of diets in the past and was frustrated.

Sue had a friend who had joined Mind Body and Soul Fitness and said it really worked. The personal recommendation was all she needed to hear. She joined right away.

20 pounds later, Sue is happier than ever. She had learned how to eat and how her body responds to food. She had learned how to recover from setbacks and how to make the plan work for her.

Sue’s children are grown and she and her husband frequently enjoy going out to eat. She has learned to be specific when she orders, asks the server to hold the salt, and speak up for what she needs. Not once has anyone ever looked at her funny or judged her. She was and is amazed at how flexible and accommodating people can be.

For Sue, having a personal weight loss coach was vital to her being so successful. She learned the value of accountability and learned to explore the choices that her coach gave her. They worked as a team to determine what worked best for her and she even found herself being able to open up to her coach and explore some of the reasons why she had made poor choices in the past.

The hardest thing about the plan was being honest. Sue knew she could cheat here and there and that she might be the only one to know. Then she realized that she would only be cheating herself. That is not why she signed up for this plan so full disclosure for her was the only way to go!

Her advice? Give it a shot. It works. Even if you think you can’t do it, you can. This plan is designed for people to succeed. Drink your water. Utilize your coach. Be honest. And watch the weight disappear.

Sue’s husband recently had a cholesterol check. He went down 20 points and he is not even on the plan! He does, however, see how his wife cooks and eats and follows her lead. Now he is healthier because of her quest to be healthier! Talk about a win-win.

Sue exercised before and she still exercises now. While certainly not mandatory, she likes the way it feels both physically and emotionally.

The cost of the plan was totally worth it once Sue saw the woman that she was meant to become. The whole experience of her weight loss was such a positive one for her.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, then you are in the right place. If you want to avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged foods, look no further. If you want to be like Sue, then contact Mind Body and Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!

Sue Moyer 20 week photo

Nancy D’s Story

SamanthaSharesThis is the story of Nancy. Nancy was a size 16 and steadily gaining weight. There was a history of diabetes in her family and her A1C numbers were starting to creep up. She knew something had to be done about her situation, but she was worried. She was worried about what it would cost to lose weight. She was worried she would fail if she fell into the same old habits. She was just plain worried about everything!

Nancy talked to a coworker who had joined Mind Body and Soul Fitness and had a lot of success. Her friend encouraged her to take the leap. Fortunately for Nancy, she listened.

35 pounds later, Nancy is a new person! She is now a size 10/12. She started running. She is so much healthier than she ever thought she could be.

Keeping up with all the groceries was hard! She was constantly running out of fruit. However, those were good problems to have. They were much better than the constant worry.

Nancy began to learn what triggers her to eat. With the help of her food coach, she learned how to control her portions and her cravings. She learned the importance of drinking the water and emptied all the junk food from her house.

Her journey began this past July. She reached her goal by late September and is now dealing with stabilization and maintenance.

Most of the people in Nancy’s life were supportive of her quest to become a healthier person. There was no negativity or doubt and that really helped to keep her going.

Nancy had times where she slipped up. Instead of quitting like she always had in the past, she got right back on track. She did this after vacations and other celebrations.

Buying new clothes has been such a rush for her! All her old clothes are packed away. When she reaches the one-year anniversary of her weight loss, she will donate it all.

There are many factors that led to Nancy becoming overweight. Some she could control and some she could not. She used to work 12 hour shifts and be on her feet the whole time. Then her job switched to a desk job. That alone wreaked havoc on her system.

Learning how her body works has been such a good thing for Nancy. She is super proud of herself (as well she should be!).

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, then you are in the right place. If you want to avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged foods, look no further. If you want to be like Nancy, then contact Mind Body and Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!


Rachael’s Story

SamanthaSharesRachael never had a weight problem…until she had kids. Then all bets were off! Her body had changed and she did not know what to do.

She had been eating poorly and was gaining weight. She was unhappy and knew she had to take action.

Rachael knew the owner of Mind Body and Soul Fitness and reached out to her. She knew she needed help to get to her goal.

She joined boot camp and started the food plan at the same time. In a month, she dropped 20 pounds! To date, she has kept that weight off for two years and counting.

Rachael now knows what she can and cannot eat. She learned how her body metabolizes different types of food. She knows to plan her day around what food she will eat and if she is planning a meal out, she takes that into consideration with her other meals.

Having a personal weight loss coach really helped her. Knowing her coach had been in her shoes gave her the credibility she needed to trust her. Being held accountable for her choices and her meals made all the difference to Rachael and really helped her drop the weight.

At one point, Rachael was too focused on the numbers on the scale. She was letting them dictate how she felt. So she took a step back and stopped journaling. She knew if she slipped up, she would have to start journaling again. That was all she needed to know to stay good!

“Trust in yourself” and you will see results.

Rachael still drinks her water. She feels that it flushes out the occasional bad meal.

One of the main lessons Rachael learned was to put herself first. “If I can do it, anyone can!”

She is still active in boot camp and attends two days a week for an hour each session. She loves the class and the way it makes her feel. She also feels the right instructor can make a world of difference.

Rachael is no longer afraid to try new foods. She is proud that she is stronger for herself and her family. She has confidence now that she never had before. She is empowered to do and be more. She is able to think and be positive.

Even though it has been two years, the journey and the struggle is just as real to Rachael today. It has to be!

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, then you are in the right place. If you want to avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged foods, look no further. If you want to be like Rachael, then contact Mind Body and Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!

IMG_0701 Rachael Masters 12 week photo 5-15-14