How to Restore Your Peace

So many of my clients tell me that they start their mornings off with such optimism, only to have these feelings derailed as their day wears on.  This happens to all of us, believe me. But there are ways to keep your peace and positivity throughout the day.  I would like to share what I do.

My process starts the night before. . .

Write Your List

Before you go to bed, take some time, maybe 15 to 20 minutes, to write down what tasks you plan to accomplish the following day. Do you have small children? Are you taking care of sick or older parents? Once you have your list, triage the items.   Prioritize what has to be done tomorrow and decide what can wait for another day. Consider which tasks might be handled by another. 

Honor and Process Your Feelings

If you feel anxious about one of the tasks you need to do, get out your journal and write about why you feel anxious.  Writing out your thoughts will help you to determine if your feelings are valid. If they are, talk about the issue with your coach or a trusted friend. Voicing your concerns aloud will help you find a way through them. 

Still Your Racing Mind

After journaling and bringing up the emotions, your mind may start to race. To calm yourself, read a short Bible verse or another spiritual text you enjoy.  Or do a breathing exercise or practice some form of stretching.  For some a hot bath is relaxing. Try one or all of these strategies to self-soothe, to see which one works for you.

Sleep Peacefully

Try going to sleep with a weighted blanket or heated microwaveable beads.  The heat and pressure will cradle you, and make you feel calm.  (Babies love to be swaddled because it feels secure and safe, and we adults are no different!!)

Wake-up Before Your Alarm

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you would normally arise. Use that time for your daily devotional or daily stretching practice, and then mentally review your day. I have done this for years, and the amount of time I allow myself has gradually increased. Now I am often up two hours before I have to walk out the door for exercise class. I really enjoy starting my day with prayer and reviewing my agenda; doing so is crucial to setting the tone for my day. 

Congratulations on beginning to learn the techniques that will keep you in control of your peace each and every day.



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