Peg’s Story

SamanthaSharesIn June of 2014, Peg threw out all her small clothes. She was tired of them hanging in her closet never to be worn. Enough was enough.

A month later, she happened to be flipping through the Penny Power. She saw an ad for fitness for overweight and out-of-shape women. Something about that ad spoke to her. She called the next day.

Peg started with Boot Camp at Mind Body & Soul Fitness. She had no idea it was Boot Camp, though! She thought it was just a really cool workout class. When someone told her the name of it, she almost fell over! She was in no shape to be doing Boot Camp! But it was too late. She already was.

After she started seeing results from the exercising, she decided to incorporate the food plan as well. In 9 months, she lost 74 pounds. She is now maintaining and in training to become a weight loss food coach herself.

Peg has fibromyalgia. She has a bad knee. She had a list of reasons as to why she could never be in shape and fit. None of them mattered once she started to believe in herself.

There were times when it was very frustrating. There were times when she wanted to give up. Then she would turn to her family for support and they were always there. She would turn to peers, co-workers and her church for support. She learned that everyone wanted to see her succeed.

Her weight loss coach reminded her constantly of how far she had come. She checked and double checked Peg’s food logs to make sure they were accurate. She offered alternatives when Peg plateaued. All of that support and accountability helped Peg get there where she wanted to be.

Peg was an 18/20. Now she is a size 6. She had to buy all new clothes to replace the ones she gave away and the ones she outgrew.

Her husband has jokingly said that he feels like he is cheating on his wife with the new Peg.

At their mountain house, Peg can now climb the hill to get in the door. She does not even think about it. There was a time, though, that she would have to stop and make a conscious effort to get up that hill.

Peg is still in Boot Camp. With that belief in herself, she is in the best shape of her life.

Mind Body & Soul Fitness has changed Peg’s life. She was a woman who could barely do one sit-up. When she said that to someone, they helped her do 50! And then they took a break. And then she did 50 more. She felt empowered. She felt strong. She felt in control!

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, then you are in the right place. If you want to avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged foods, look no further. If you want to be like Peg, then contact Mind Body & Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!

Peg Seachrist 32 week photo

Robin’s Story

SamanthaSharesWhen Robin’s husband bought her a gift certificate for Mind Body & Soul Fitness this past Christmas, many people thought she would be mad. In fact, she was the opposite! Robin had lost weight three years before on the plan but had failed to stabilize and unfortunately, gained the weight back. Her husband knew how upset this made her and wanted to give her a gift that would help her take care of herself. It was a win-win!

Robin’s journey began on January 4th. By May of that same year, she felt so empowered and positive that she became a weight loss coach herself! And why not? She had shed 62 pounds, was successfully stabilizing, and felt amazing.

She still does.

Robin was wearing 16’s but they were tight. Now she wears an 8 and was able to shop for a bikini this year. Her family is super supportive and often ask, “Can you eat this?” if they are out somewhere new. They, too, want her to succeed.

The hardest thing about the plan for her was setting her mind to it. Learning how to cope with unexpected situations and meals was also a challenge. However, the fact that she could eat real food really helped. She could cook what she wanted and none of the food was processed.

The accountability piece was also vital. Robin’s personal food coach was always there for her. She knew when to check in and was very motivational. Having a person like that in your corner is key to why this plan works so well.

Robin also learned the value of “non-scale victories”. Someone at work called her the “incredible shrinking woman”. Someone else called her “skinny”. Not bad nicknames to have!

Robin and her husband now exercise together. They are taking care of themselves together. The fitness element of the plan, while not mandatory, certainly helped her loss and tightened and toned her body.

Being a weight loss coach now has helped Robin to be accountable. Helping others constantly reminds her of her own journey. Before, she could not get out of her own way. Now, she has already run a 5k and is signed up to run a half-marathon in October!

Robin was done being fat. She knew the path to a healthier person was going to be hard and that she had to be ready. Luckily, she was.

Her cholesterol has lowered. The markers for diabetes which were just showing up at the end of last year have disappeared. She has a new lease on life.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged food…if you want to be like Robin, then contact Mind Body & Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!

Robin Mathews 20 week photo