Sarah’s Story

SamanthaSharesSarah spent her entire life overweight. At 5’11”, she was used to being perceived as big. After all, with all that height, she was bound to stand out in a crowd. But she did not always want to stand out.

This past January, her grandfather passed away and it was a very painful time for her. She was forced to realize that people do not live forever and that she might not have unlimited time to do all she wanted to do.

Two months later, in March of 2015, Sarah finally had the courage to call Mind Body & Soul Fitness. 94.4 pounds later, she is so glad she did!

Sarah still has more weight to lose. The athlete in her is coming back…and so is the confidence and pride that she had in her younger years.

The accountability that Mind Body & Soul Fitness offers is what makes the difference. It is why Sarah feels she can share her story, even though she has not yet reached her goal. Having a person in her corner, cheering her on, encouraging her has made all the difference. She is forever grateful for the plan and for her coach. Her coach holds her accountable and now she has learned how to hold herself accountable, too.

It took her shedding 60 pounds before she was comfortable going to the gym. In the past, she would drive to the gym and sit in her car. Now she goes several days a week. Parks her car and walks right in to work out. Her clothes are loose, she is more self-aware and mostly everyone has noticed the new Sarah.

There was a time, a few months back, when she had a bad day. Work was stressful and things were just not going well. All she wanted to do was have an ice cream. That was how she dealt with stress in the past.

This time, though, she knew that she had to find another way. She had to teach herself how to live in the world without turning to food for comfort. She had to shift her mindset. She never did have that ice cream.

The diet is not forever. The pride is, though.

For the first time since her daughter has been alive, Sarah’s family is having Christmas portraits done this year. She is not embarrassed anymore.

Sarah knows the hard part is yet to come. She knows this is a battle that she will have for the rest of her life. She also knows now that she can do it.

For her, as for so many, it is not just about losing the weight. It is losing the weight and keeping it off.

Life has become so much easier since she made the decision to lose the weight.

One of Sarah’s favorite parts of the plan is that she can weigh in at home, and not in a public setting. When she meets with her coach, it’s for pictures and measurements, but there is not a scale in sight!

Her advice? Plan your menus. Utilize your coach. Be honest. Don’t cheat. And if she can do it, so can you!

Sarah is transforming into a new person. Stay tuned for the rest of her story.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged food…if you want to be like Sarah, then contact Mind Body & Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!