Motivated or Dedicated?

By Colleen Mimnaugh
Director of Nutrition, Coaching Manager and Fitness Coach

Do you ever wonder when you decide to make a change in your life why it has to happen there and now? Why is it when we get that sudden rush of motivation through our bodies that we need to do that diet change or that work out plan, RIGHT NOW. Have you ever asked yourself why the change needs to come now?

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Heather’s Story

SamanthaSharesHeather describes herself as someone who was “fat her whole life”. She was always the third wheel, the funny friend, the one with the great personality. She was never described as anything else.

That all changed when she saw a friend have success with Mind Body and Soul Fitness. She asked her friend about the program. Was it pills and shakes and pre-packaged food? Heather had done that all before and was not looking to ride that roller coaster again. Her friend assured her it was not like anything else out there. This plan used real food. No gimmicks. Just the right food in the right amounts at the right time of day.

That was all Heather needed to hear. She called and made an appointment that day.

That was back in May. In six months, she has lost 72 pounds. She went from a size 20 to a 14. She feels terrific. She looks terrific. She can almost fit back into her wedding dress from 17 years ago! Just one more size to go and then it will fit.

Heather and her husband recently went to Las Vegas to renew their wedding vows. She bought a new dress for the new celebration and loved the way she felt and looked in it. Her goal to fit into her original dress is still strong, though. She knows she can do it!

Heather thought she had it all figured out in the past. She would have a shake for breakfast and then a salad for lunch. Her salad would have chick peas, pepperoni and pasta. She thought that was ok because somehow, she never learned otherwise.

At Mind Body and Soul Fitness, they teach you the “otherwise”. You have a personal weight loss coach who is there for you every step of that way. That coach makes all the difference in the world because she makes sure you are not alone.

Last year, Heather used to drink a gallon of ice tea every two days. She would use 12 teabags and 24 Equal packets. This year, Heather drinks water. She drinks the water at red lights. She drinks it when she is home in the mornings and evenings. She drinks when she can all day long. She no longer drinks tea or any caffeine for that matter.

There have been some hardships, too. Heather had no idea how to shop for “regular” clothes. She had been in the Plus section for so long that she almost forgot how to shop anywhere else!

Over the summer, Heather went to get changed and realized that she took her shorts off without unbuttoning them or using the zipper. She just pulled them straight off!

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, then you are in the right place. If you want to avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged foods, look no further. If you want to be like Heather, then contact Mind Body and Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!20 Weeks on plan-Sept 2015 IMG_2184-1