Karen’s Story: More on Weekend Eating

Because I had such an overwhelming response to my recent blog post, I reached out to another client, and asked her to share her story:


Karen: I hesitated when Lesia asked me to share my weightloss journey, asking her if I could think about it.  However,  when I went back and reread Heather’s story, I decided to do it.  We are all in this together!!   So here is my story of weekend disasters and tearful  Mondays on the scale:

During the week, I have a routine and rhythm to my days.  I go to the gym, go to work, drive home, do household chores and errands, make dinner, help my kids with homework and get them to bed. This structure completely disappears on the weekends, however. While I look forward to the weekend all week, when it arrives,  instead of feeling happy and relaxed, I find myself feeling a bit anxious, depressed and unmotivated. By Sunday night, I am upset that I’ve not accomplished more, have not had  any “me” time and was not on plan.   And so what do I do?  I go into the kitchen and eat!  UGH!  I go to bed feeling defeated.  Then, the self talk begins:

 “You will never get this weight off! Who are you kiddin? 

 You will always be fat and out of shape! You are a loser.”

Seriously, this is how I speak to myself.  Lesia tells me if you would not say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself.  I have to tell you when I am with my kids or with my friends or family I happily snack on whatever is placed in front of me — with no regard to my goals.  Somehow, I forget how bad I feel about how I look. It’s like the concept of the scale and my journal just evaporates — until Monday morning, when it all comes flooding back!  Why does this happen to me every weekend? When Monday comes, I feel defeated and my self-talk begins:

Why bother? Why work so hard?  Stay overweight.

 You’ll never succeed in losing these pounds!

I hear Lesia in my head telling me to be kinder to myself.  She tells me habit change requires time and constant attention until it becomes, well, habitual. When we first started working on this, I did not believe her.  Actually, I doubted her big time. But, six months into behavior change, and I have to tell you, she is right!!

Of course, I am far from perfect but I am at least 20% better in staying on program.  This is huge, as I have never gotten this far before, and I am starting to believe I will continue to eat normally and be at a weight that does not make me want to hide.  I have my ninja on!!  (This is what my 10 year old calls it.) Believe me, if I can do this, anyone can.  There are no hopeless causes.  It takes work and perseverance.  If I can do it so can you!   

Lesia and I decided to not completely structure  me on weekends, but devised a semi-structured eating and living weekend plan.  We worked my Saturday and Sunday based upon what usually fills my weekends: errands, gym, grocery shopping, kid activities, church, friends and family and chores.   

Lesia and I have worked on this for six months and I can tell you I now have a flow.  It is working!  I have to tell you,  I was skeptical at first.  But it  is definitely working, the scale does not lie!  I want to do more, because I see the results, but Lesia said habits take time, practice and patience.  So I continue to practice. My weight loss is consistent at 1 pound per week. I went from losing and gaining the same 3 pounds every week/weekend to consistently dropping one pound.  Thank you, Lesia!


Thank you, Karen, for sharing your story.  You left out  a lot of the tears and struggle you went through.  You were and are very brave to trust me and now you’re seeing it pay off. Brava! 

What Karen and I are working on is getting out of the thinking that weekends equal free-for-all.  Take a look at the word ‘week/weak- end”.  It should read:  strong end.  This is the time to relax and unwind — without abusing food or yourself.  Our culture encourages TGIF and party time on the weekend. But how many of you come off an overeating weekend really feeling good about yourself, about your body??

Having a structure of eating and play allows you to relish the downtime without slipping into a free for all.  What’s more, the program allows for eating out at restaurants. (lt shocks me how many people don’t confer with me as to what to order.  Those who do are happily surprised  at what they can have!!)  You can enjoy life and still arrive on Monday energized and feeling good about all you did and all you ate.  It is about retraining your brain and creating a new habit.  Speak to your coaches about this.  We are here to help you succeed!!  You can do it!  

P.S. If you feel these stories help you and you would like to share your story, please text me!

God Bless!



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