Robin’s Story

SamanthaSharesWhen Robin’s husband bought her a gift certificate for Mind Body & Soul Fitness this past Christmas, many people thought she would be mad. In fact, she was the opposite! Robin had lost weight three years before on the plan but had failed to stabilize and unfortunately, gained the weight back. Her husband knew how upset this made her and wanted to give her a gift that would help her take care of herself. It was a win-win!

Robin’s journey began on January 4th. By May of that same year, she felt so empowered and positive that she became a weight loss coach herself! And why not? She had shed 62 pounds, was successfully stabilizing, and felt amazing.

She still does.

Robin was wearing 16’s but they were tight. Now she wears an 8 and was able to shop for a bikini this year. Her family is super supportive and often ask, “Can you eat this?” if they are out somewhere new. They, too, want her to succeed.

The hardest thing about the plan for her was setting her mind to it. Learning how to cope with unexpected situations and meals was also a challenge. However, the fact that she could eat real food really helped. She could cook what she wanted and none of the food was processed.

The accountability piece was also vital. Robin’s personal food coach was always there for her. She knew when to check in and was very motivational. Having a person like that in your corner is key to why this plan works so well.

Robin also learned the value of “non-scale victories”. Someone at work called her the “incredible shrinking woman”. Someone else called her “skinny”. Not bad nicknames to have!

Robin and her husband now exercise together. They are taking care of themselves together. The fitness element of the plan, while not mandatory, certainly helped her loss and tightened and toned her body.

Being a weight loss coach now has helped Robin to be accountable. Helping others constantly reminds her of her own journey. Before, she could not get out of her own way. Now, she has already run a 5k and is signed up to run a half-marathon in October!

Robin was done being fat. She knew the path to a healthier person was going to be hard and that she had to be ready. Luckily, she was.

Her cholesterol has lowered. The markers for diabetes which were just showing up at the end of last year have disappeared. She has a new lease on life.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged food…if you want to be like Robin, then contact Mind Body & Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!

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Missy’s Story

SamanthaSharesWhen Missy and her husband went on vacation a few years ago, Missy was miserable. She hated the way she looked and the way she felt. She was really overweight and it was starting to interfere with the way she lived her life.

The Owner and CEO of Mind Body & Soul Fitness was someone who Missy knew and one day, when she was so fed up, she said “enough is enough” and she picked up the phone. That was May 2014.

By October of that year, Missy lost 55 pounds! She knew that she could not do it solo and credits her food coach for all the assistance she gave her. Having to be accountable for her actions for the first time in a long time made all the difference to Missy. She also did not want to let her coach down!

Missy was a size 18 and a 1x. She is now a 4/6! She clearly remembers when her clothes started to get baggy and when people started to notice. It was the best feeling! Constant accolades also kept her momentum going.

Her husband is supportive and now also getting healthy by following Missy’s lead.

Boot Camp was a big thing for Missy. She enjoyed the exercise and the network of people that she met through the classes. She is confident now in a way she never expected. When she first reached out to Mind Body & Soul Fitness, she could not do a sit-up, a push-up or a single jumping jack. She was nervous that she would injure herself and just did not think she had it in her. She has proved herself wrong time and time again.

Missy’s advice? DO NOT CHEAT! The program is not forever and if you stick with it, it works and it works fast! Even now, at her goal weight, she is still careful about what she eats and makes smart choices as often as she can.

While on plan, Missy made a homemade cake from scratch. She is not a baker, but this is one treat she makes for her family on special occasions. She did not even lick the batter. The sweet taste was not worth all the hard work she was doing. She knew she could try the cake again, if she wanted, when she got to her goal.

Recently, Missy started training to become a Weight Loss Coach. She wants to be there for others like her coach was there for her.

Vacations are fun again for Missy. And in a bikini, no less! She will be 50 years old this year and prouder than ever!

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged foods…if you want to be like Missy, then contact Mind Body & Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!

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Carolyn’s Story

SamanthaSharesFor much of Carolyn’s life, she took care of other people. Her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when he was 45 and from then on, he became her primary focus.

It did not help that Carolyn’s metabolism slowed when she hit 35. And it helped less when she hit menopause. Working full-time and then coming home and focusing on being a daughter, a mother and a wife left little time for her.

Carolyn’s husband passed in December 2013. It was a blessing as he was shell of his former self.

For the first time in decades, Carolyn had time to think about what she needed and wanted. She was tired of medicating herself with food and with eating meals that she did not even have the time to taste. So she turned her computer on and went to work.

Mind Body & Soul Fitness popped up in her Internet search. She liked that it was a diet as well as a fitness program. She called right away.

In the past, Carolyn had success with Weight Watchers and South Beach. But never for the long haul. With Mind Body & Soul Fitness, she has lost 26 pounds! She is down two dress sizes and on her way to a third. She feels “tremendous”. She can do so much more than she ever thought possible. Tying her sneakers is not something she even thinks about now, whereas it sure was in the past! She is strong – inside and out.

Carolyn’s health issues have virtually all gone away. She was also was having various digestive track issues that are all gone. She has a new lease on life.

At 63 years young, Carolyn has participated in a 5K race. She took a POUND class. She also tried weight lifting and loved it.

In the past, when she had a bad day on a diet, someone would say, “What did you do wrong?” With this plan, her coach would say, “What’s wrong?” It was that extra bit of compassion and support that empowered Carolyn and helped her daily. Her family also supported her 100%.

Drinking all the water was hard. Getting into the healthy routine was not easy. But all of it was more than worth it and Carolyn would recommend this program to anyone.

Carolyn retired in November. She is moving to Central PA soon to be a support person to a family member in need. Now, though, Carolyn has the tools she needs to support a loved one and still take care of her needs, too. She had learned from the past and is excited about her future.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged food…if you want to be like Carolyn, then contact Mind Body & Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!


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Sharon’s Story

SamanthaSharesAround the end of 2014, Sharon’s 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. Scoliosis is not a disease, but a term used to describe any abnormal, sideways curvature of the spine. Depending on the severity of the curve and the risk for it getting worse, scoliosis can be treated with observation, bracing, or surgery.

Sharon’s scoliosis was found at age 5 when her kindergarten gym teacher noticed that her gait was odd when she would run in gym class.  Thus began a lifetime of x-rays, MRI’s, braces and doctor appointments.  By age 7, she was wearing an orthopedic jacket (a brace that wrapped 365 degrees around her body and went from armpit to hip – no bending at the waist, no twisting) for 23 hours a day.  Pain in her feet and legs was non-stop.

Around this time, her parents were given the news that the scoliosis was being caused by a birth defect known as a Chairi I Malformation (the cerebellum is positioned wrong in the skull).  In her case, the Chairi was causing her spinal fluid to build up in balloon-like pockets in the spine, causing the curvature, pain, muscle weakness and reflex abnormalities.  Left untreated, she would’ve been paralyzed within 3 months and passed away soon after.  Surgery to treat it meant risking 99% chance of paralysis.  Feeling there was really no other option, her parents scheduled the surgery.  Her top 3 vertebrae were partially removed and a shunt was inserted into her spinal cord to drain the fluid into her chest cavity.

The surgery was successful. Most of the nerve damage healed and the fluid stopped building, but the curvature of her spine continued to progress. As she grew older, her neck would forever be the weakest part of her body. The shunt would shift in her ribcage and jab her in the lung.  She wore the brace from age 7 to 18.  It limited the amount of physical activity she could do.  Riding bike was difficult, running felt impossible. Her hips and knees were very unbalanced. Contact sports like basketball and volleyball were out of the question – a direct hit to her head could be fatal.  Ice skating, roller skating, skiing, horseback riding were all nixed – a fall could snap her neck.  Basically the only physical activities she could do were swimming and walking.

When she no longer had to wear the brace, the damage to her weight was done and her back muscles (that were always supported by the brace) were so weak that she lived in constant pain.  Physical therapy didn’t do much.  The more weight she gained, the worse the pain was to her. It was getting the harder to keep up with her children, work and home.

In 2013, the pain from her chest became unbearable. She could not sleep. She could not breathe! She was convinced that the 25-year-old shunt was at the root of it. Three surgeons later, she finally found a doctor who agreed.  They went in and saw the shunt was calcified, entwined in her muscles and tendons and infected.  He removed the old shunt and felt confident that a new one was unnecessary.

She woke up from surgery in so little pain and able to take a deep breath for the first time in months!

Her daughter’s diagnosis brought home all that she had been through in 35 years of life. She did not want her baby to have the same story to tell.

Sharon had heard of Mind Body & Soul Fitness from a close friend. That friend had so much success that she went on to be a weight loss coach. She knew she had to reach out.

Sharon began 2015 with the challenge to lose weight and strengthen her entire body.  The young girl, who couldn’t run a mile in high school, ran a 5K in April and is now training for her first 10K!  She still doesn’t do things that are a threat to her neck, but she knows she can face the toughest of challenges and come out smiling! She works out with a personal trainer for 30 minutes a week to specifically focus on her core strength and back.

Learning how to eat properly was not easy. Learning how to deal with the emotions behind her eating proved to be hard. Sharon had to find other ways to cope and deal with issues. In the past, she turned to food for comfort. Now she was forced to look deeper. She knows now that food was not making anything better.

With the help of her personal weight loss coach, kick boxing and Tabata class, Sharon learned how to relieve some of the daily stress that was causing her harm. It also accelerated her weight loss which was a plus!

Sharon is down 30 pounds. She wants to lose 10 more. She loves “shopping in her own closet” now and is down to a size 8! She has never been that size. Even when she was, she needed a back brace for her scoliosis and she does not need that anymore!

She is still learning how to deal with the cravings at night and her future mother-in-law who is a terrific baker and always wants to share her latest creations.

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. But she is doing the best that she can.

“The plan is absolutely doable,” Sharon said. There is so much love and support available that if you want to make it work, you can. There is a whole community of people there for you.

Recently, Sharon was in an unfamiliar area and got pulled over for speeding as she was not used to the roads. She was so mad! The police officer asked her for her license and registration and when she handed her license to him, he asked for a “valid form of ID.” He did not recognize her from her picture! She needed to show him something else for him to believe it was her. She got dismissed with a warning, but was so happy that she almost would not have minded paying the ticket!

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged food…if you want to be like Sharon, then contact Mind Body & Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!



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Pre and Post Workout!