MEDITATION OF THE DAY “Furthermore, let

“Furthermore, let us produce worthy fruits of penance. Let us also love our neighbors as ourselves. Let us have charity and humility. Let us give alms because these cleanse our souls from the stains of sin. Men lose all the material things they leave behind them in this world, but they carry with them the reward of their charity and the alms they give. For these they will receive from the Lord the reward and recompense they deserve. We must not be wise and prudent according to the flesh. Rather we must be simple, humble and pure. We should never desire to be over others. Instead, we ought to be servants who are submissive to every human being for God’s sake. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on all who live in this way and persevere in it to the end. He will permanently dwell in them. They will be the Father’s children who do his work. They are the spouses, brothers and mothers of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
— St. Francis of Assisi, p. 333
Witness of the Saints

Is Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Weight-loss Efforts?

Learn to Identify the “Why” Behind Your Behavior

All of us have attempted to lose weight only to give up when emotional bumps in the road become too much to handle. We have all experienced the feelings of shame, anger and even resentment towards those people who can just eat whatever they want. If you are anything like me, these people anger and frustrate you to the point of saying, “Why me?”

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Gain Emotional Freedom with Practice

Five Characteristics of High Emotional Intelligence

December, it’s the hap-happiest season of all. With holiday greeting cards to mail, travel plans to make, parties to host, gifts to purchase and in-law encounters to navigate, it can also be the busiest time of year. Does your holiday “to do” list seem longer than Santa’s naughty or nice list? You are not alone.

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Not Your Average Weight Loss Blog

It’s called Mind, Body & Soul Fitness for a reason!

Each of us knows the importance of being physically fit and we think about our health, at least occasionally. We eat fruits and vegetables. We take vitamins. We drink water. We go for walks. And even if we’re not good at regularly partaking in these healthy actions, we normally think about our physical health, or how we might improve it. But how often do we consider our emotional or spiritual health? Our physical health is only one piece of the puzzle. We must address our mind, body and soul in order to have complete health.

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