Motivated or Dedicated?

By Colleen Mimnaugh
Director of Nutrition, Coaching Manager and Fitness Coach

Do you ever wonder when you decide to make a change in your life why it has to happen there and now? Why is it when we get that sudden rush of motivation through our bodies that we need to do that diet change or that work out plan, RIGHT NOW. Have you ever asked yourself why the change needs to come now?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t start making changes tomorrow, but do you ever think it takes a little more time than just one day to make this decision? There is a big difference between starting to make changes AND signing up for that marathon or weight loss program.

In my line of work, I have a lot of people come to me who tell me they are ready to lose weight, they’re ready to commit to the gym, or they are ready to make that forever lifestyle change. And almost all of the people who are ready need to start tomorrow. The question is why? My belief, is it’s that sudden rush of motivation running through their veins. It’s that I’m ready and need to do it now feeling that we all have gotten at least once in our lifetime. But my question is, ‘How long is that motivation going to stick around?’ A few days, a week, maybe a month at best and then what? After motivation what do we have to give?

Now for some that sudden rush of motivation was all we had and when it’s run dry we have nothing else pushing us towards that goal we suddenly made for ourselves. For others we have dedication, the thing we need to be successful at everything we do in life. Dedication is the key to success. It’s what pushes us when we don’t want to be pushed, it’s what drives us to get better every day. Dedication is prepping food on a Monday night after work, after driving your kids to their practices and back, and after making everyone dinner. Dedication is going to the gym at 5:00 a.m. everyday even though you are tired and could very well stay in bed. Dedication and of course hard work are what lead you to that success.

Motivation will come and go throughout your journey. It will be there some days and it won’t others. Dedication is up to you. If you want something, then you need to work hard even on days when there is no motivation.

My suggestion is when you get that sudden rush of motivation, start making the changes but don’t rush into anything. Make changes and let that motivation run dry and see what’s underneath. If you are feeling ready to make that lifestyle change get the information you need and start doing it. Meal prep on Sundays or Mondays and see how long you want to do it for. Wake up and go to the gym and see if you can continue with it for a few weeks. Really commit and see if you are in fact, committed.

This blog post is in no way supposed to stop motivating people. Rather it’s asking a simple question, ‘What do you have once that motivation leaves?’ I understand motivation is what can often help get people started and without it they may never have begun the journey. However, without dedication they would’ve never finished successfully.


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