Not Your Average Weight Loss Blog

It’s called Mind, Body & Soul Fitness for a reason!

Each of us knows the importance of being physically fit and we think about our health, at least occasionally. We eat fruits and vegetables. We take vitamins. We drink water. We go for walks. And even if we’re not good at regularly partaking in these healthy actions, we normally think about our physical health, or how we might improve it. But how often do we consider our emotional or spiritual health? Our physical health is only one piece of the puzzle. We must address our mind, body and soul in order to have complete health.

But where do we start? Joining a typical gym can be intimidating. What should we address first? Our appearance is always right there in front of us. And let’s admit it, as women, we can be hard on ourselves. When we look in the mirror, we see a woman who is flawed, faulted and failing. On our worst days, we doubt ourselves. We doubt our value. We doubt our experience. And all too often, we become overwhelmed and preoccupied with altering our appearance.

At Mind, Body & Soul Fitness, we’ve created a space where women can reshape their bodies and develop a love of self. Our programs teach women how to lose weight, cope with the emotion related to weight and learn how to keep off what they have lost by making life changes.

The feminine genius is to be celebrated. While others have addressed the challenges of contemporary women, none has done so quite like Pope Saint John Paul II. In his letter to women throughout the world, The Pope enumerates the extraordinary contributions, sacrifices and obstacles of womanhood. While the letter was written to thank women, it was also a heartfelt appeal that everyone “make every effort to ensure that women regain full respect for their dignity and role.” The Pope also offered a warning about forms of feminist ideology that are more destructive than constructive.

Let us be reminded that we are all

  • Beautiful
  • Valuable
  • Unique

As women, we each hold many different titles. From mother and mentor to working woman and wife, these roles require us to nurture, teach, invest and empathize. And for that The Pope says, “Thank you, every woman, for the simple fact of being a woman! Through the insight which is so much a part of your womanhood you enrich the world’s understanding and help to make human relations more honest and authentic.” To read a copy of the entire letter click here.

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to create a community of women (and men) who support one another, and to create a dialogue around topics that deliver you from the bonds of what ideal means to our culture. Embrace your uniqueness and rediscover your feminine genius.


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