Nancy D’s Story

SamanthaSharesThis is the story of Nancy. Nancy was a size 16 and steadily gaining weight. There was a history of diabetes in her family and her A1C numbers were starting to creep up. She knew something had to be done about her situation, but she was worried. She was worried about what it would cost to lose weight. She was worried she would fail if she fell into the same old habits. She was just plain worried about everything!

Nancy talked to a coworker who had joined Mind Body and Soul Fitness and had a lot of success. Her friend encouraged her to take the leap. Fortunately for Nancy, she listened.

35 pounds later, Nancy is a new person! She is now a size 10/12. She started running. She is so much healthier than she ever thought she could be.

Keeping up with all the groceries was hard! She was constantly running out of fruit. However, those were good problems to have. They were much better than the constant worry.

Nancy began to learn what triggers her to eat. With the help of her food coach, she learned how to control her portions and her cravings. She learned the importance of drinking the water and emptied all the junk food from her house.

Her journey began this past July. She reached her goal by late September and is now dealing with stabilization and maintenance.

Most of the people in Nancy’s life were supportive of her quest to become a healthier person. There was no negativity or doubt and that really helped to keep her going.

Nancy had times where she slipped up. Instead of quitting like she always had in the past, she got right back on track. She did this after vacations and other celebrations.

Buying new clothes has been such a rush for her! All her old clothes are packed away. When she reaches the one-year anniversary of her weight loss, she will donate it all.

There are many factors that led to Nancy becoming overweight. Some she could control and some she could not. She used to work 12 hour shifts and be on her feet the whole time. Then her job switched to a desk job. That alone wreaked havoc on her system.

Learning how her body works has been such a good thing for Nancy. She is super proud of herself (as well she should be!).

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, cook your own foods, have the support of a private coach in your corner every step of the way, then you are in the right place. If you want to avoid crowded meetings and pre-packaged foods, look no further. If you want to be like Nancy, then contact Mind Body and Soul Fitness today. Yes you can!



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